Municipality Velké Pavlovice Náměstí 9. května 700/40, 691 06  Velké Pavlovice tel: +420 519 428 101, e-mail:
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Welcome to Velké Pavlovice!

Wine and apricots“, this characteristic phrase has been inseparably related to Velké Pavlovice for centuries. The very first written reference is more than 750 years old (A.D.1252) refers to viniculture in Pavlovice, and this small beautiful town in the South of Moravia has been faithful to this tradition all the time. But not only wine and apricots are the sole symbols of this region. A rich cultural life, conservation of folk lore traditions, and a transformation into a modern town attract people to visit it and do sightseeing. The most important of all these events is a summer feast in national costumes held in August and a grape harvest celebration in September.

Therefore please accept the invitation to Velké Pavlovice, let the information on the town official website be a warm recommendation for you!

Population (as of January 1, 2016): 3.063
Number of houses: 1.040
Altitude above sea level: 182 m. n m.
Cadastre area: 2.324 ha
Average age of inhabitants: 42 years
Average year temperature: 9,42°C
Town statute awarded: 1967
Mayor of the town: Jiří Otřel
Deputy Mayor of the town: Petr Hasil
Velké Pavlovice na mapě

Town Government – contact data

Náměstí 9. května 700/40, 691 06 Velké Pavlovice
Telephone: +420 519 428 101
Fax: +420 519 428 143
Electronic registry: